Answering Services
We offer effective and accurate answering services that saves the valuable time, and money of the callers. We have a 24/7 (round the year) service which enables us to answer calls and obtain information, if required from the caller, at any time
Order Taking

Our Inbound Order Taking Call Center attends your calls 24/7/365 days, so that you don’t loose any of those crucial sales or inbound calls.

Customer Service

We have record in the development of a complete customer relationship management program, and hence renders you, with optimum results which could prove to be higher than your expectations.

Inquiry Handling

The Inbound Call Centers are built with the purpose of having an information center, which handles all sorts of inquiries, made by the customers. Information Center have all the informations required for answering the Inbound Calls made by the customers and the professionals handling these calls, have thorough understanding of the products or services, offered by your company.

Technical Support Services

Technical Support Outsourcing has evolved from simple call handling to business process re engineering. The IT Help Desk has expanded to the integrated Service Desk. India has proven its capabilities in strategic Call Center Technical Support Outsourcing, both for Onsite, as well as Offshore Outsourcing. 

Toll Free Services

Inbound Toll Free Service refers to managing the toll free phone service and voice broadcasting campaigns of the organizations, online. ?Providing a toll-free number to extract the informations of your product and services, is the most popular advertising and marketing strategy, adopted by major companies in the current marketplace. 

Website Response

An Inbound Call Center understands that the potential of Internet Marketing cannot be fully realized without a thorough assessment of client's resources, business processes, and competitive landscape. 

Help Desk Support

We offer offshore Back office Outsourcing services and Business Process Outsourcing services, which guarantee reduction in cost, at the same time, maintains optimum quality of the outsourcing services we render. Help Desk is essentially a central point, through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed and coordinated by technical experts. Help Desk Support is also highly responsible for bringing the resources together in order to address a problem or handle a crucial issue, as and when they arise. 

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